Диктанты по Английскому языку — 2 класс

Прослушай предложения и запиши в тетрадь на английском языке.

Диктант 1

We see Bob. He has a green frog. His frog is ugly. We see Ann. She has a bee. Ann’s bee isn’t big. It can fly.

Диктант 2

I have a nice crocodile, nine ducks and five foxes. My ducks can swim. My foxes like to ride my crocodile.

Диктант 3

A man has a fox and a crocodile. The crocodile is strong. It can swim. Why is the crocodile sad? It can’t fly. The fox isn’t sad. It is cunning.

Диктант 4

Ann has ten red pens. Ted has seven grey hens. Nick has a stick. Is Nick’s stick black? – Yes, it is.

Диктант 5

Nick has toys. His fox is in a long box. His cockerel has got a clock. Nick’s dog is grey. It can sit. His frog cannot sit. It can swim.

Диктант 6

My name is Alice. I have a nice face. I live in the town. I am brave. I can skate well and I like tennis. I have a white cat. It is funny.

Диктант 7

I see a grey rabbit. It has a black nose. It lives in a big green forest. I take the rabbit and go home. But I don’t take a snake. It is bad.

Диктант 8

Who is he? His name is Tim. He is a pupil and he is my friend. He has a blue clock. He likes music. I like to run in the forest with my friend.

Диктант 9

Tim is slim. Tim sings and skips. Tim has six big pigs. His pigs swim in a pool.

Диктант 10

Sam has a cat and a rabbit. Sam’ rabbit is fat. It is not bad. His cat can sing and swim. Bob has a duck. Bob’s duck is not ugly. It is funny. His duck must swim. It can run but it can’t jump.

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