Диктанты по Английскому языку — 4 класс

Диктант №1

There are four seasons in a year. In winter the weather is frosty, slippery and snowy. Autumn is cloudy, foggy, windy and rainy. In spring it is warm. My favourite season is summer. In summer I like to swim and play with my friends.

Диктант №2

My grandparents live in the country not far from our city. They have a farmhouse. Near the house there is a beautiful garden and a lot of flowerbeds. Behind the house there is a hill and a wood. Behind the wood there is a blue river with a bridge. My grandparents have a horse and a cow. The animals like to eat grass in the field. I like to visit my grandparents in summer and go to a small country church.

Диктант №3

I live in a big house. In the house there is a lift. My flat is not very big. There is a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall in my flat. I don`t have a room of my own. I share a room with my brother. In the room there is a sofa and two armchairs. On the wall there is a picture, a shelf and a mirror. At the window there is a TV. There is a lamp near the door. On the floor there is a nice carpet.

Диктант №4

Look at this photo. This is my family. I have got a father, a mother, a brother and a sister. These are my grandpa and grandma. My father is their son. My grandparents live in the country. We like to go there on Saturdays and Sundays.

Диктант №5

Last summer my friends and I went to the forest. The day was fine. We walked and played. Suddenly we saw a small bird. We took the bird home and gave it corn, bread and water.

Диктант №6

In the country we do a lot of activities. I go shopping and buy food. My mother cooks dinner and my sister helps her to lay the table. Yesterday evening we were together. We ate cake and watched TV. My sister drew pictures and played puzzle. My father translated the text from a magazine. My grandpa read a newspaper. He likes to get new information.

Грамматическое задание:

1) Перевести предложения на русский язык и записать ниже диктанта

Диктант №7

Переведи русские слова на английский язык и запиши в тетрадь

1. Зонтик
2. Слон
3. Небоскреб
4. Грузовик
5. Страна
6. Столица
7. Океан
8. Красивый
9. Лосось
10. Австралия

Umbrella, elefant, skyscraper, truck, country, capital, ocean, beautiful, salmon, Australia

Диктант №8

Переведи русские слова на английский язык и запиши в тетрадь

1. Город
2. Дождь
3. Дедушка
4. Школа
5. Китай
6. Лошадь
7. Змея
8. Радуга
9. Лазить
10. Природа

City, rain, grandfather, school, China, horse, snake, rainbow, climb, nature
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