Диктанты по Английскому языку — 9 класс

Диктант №1

Запишите каждое предложение под диктовку

Since 1066 there have been forty monarchs in England, thirty-five kings, five queens and seven dynasties. Only fourteen monarchs have stayed on the throne for more than twenty-five years, one of them is Queen Elizabeth II.

Every royal house or ‘dynasty’ has a surname. In Britain’s case that name is Windsor Queen Elizabeth II is the fourth Windsor monarch. She is also the head of a very large family. She has three sons, one daughter, and many grandsons and granddaughters.

The most famous British royal home is Buckingham Palace. But it is not the only one. The Queen and her family have several other castles, official residences and country houses too. Today Buckingham Palace is the best known palace in the world. It stands at the end of a long boulevard called The Mall and it has 600 rooms on three floors, 400 staff, and 300 clocks.

After Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s next monarch will probably be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. He will be King Charles III. Even further in the future his son, Prince William, will become king too. His title will be King William V. The National Anthem is called ‘God save the Queen’. But if Prince Charles becomes King, it will be ‘God save the King’.

Диктант №2

Прослушайте и перескажите

Britain is one of the most highly industrialised countries in the world: for every person employed in agriculture 12 are employed in industry. The original base of British industry was coal-mining, iron and steel and textiles. Today the most productive sectors include high-tech industries, chemicals, finance and the service sectors, especially banking, insurance and tourism.

Birmingham developed engineering, chemicals, electronics and car manufacture. Cambridge is famous for software engineering (making programs for computers) and bio-chemical and bio-genetic products. Cattle-farming is the speciality of the west of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Wheat and fruit are widely grown in the south-east of England. Near the east and north-east coast of England and Scotland there are vast reserves of oil and gas. The UK is a member of OPEC — the Oil Producers and Exporters Cartel.

Диктант №3

Прослушайте и запишите своими словами

There are four types of schools in the English and Welsh education system — nursery. primary, secondary and private schools. Scotland has its own education system, which is different.

Children start school at the age of five, but there is some free nursery-school education before that age. The state nursery schools are not for all. They are for some families, for example for families with only one parent. In most areas there are private nursery schools. Parents who want their children to go to nursery school pay for their children under 5 years old to go to these private nursery schools.

Primary school is divided into infant school (pupils from 5 to 7 years old) and junior school (from 8 to 11 years old). In some areas there are middle schools instead of junior schools, which take pupils from 9 to 12 years old. Primary schools have from 50-200 pupils.

Secondary schools are usually much larger than primary schools and most children — over 80 percent — go to a comprehensive school at the age of 11. These schools are for all. Pupils do not need (to pass an exam to go to these schools. These schools are large. They have from 1.200 — 2.500 pupils. School lasts all day in the UK, so there is only one shift. In some areas there are grammar schools. Pupils must pass special exams to go to these schools.

Some parents prefer private education. In England and Wales, private schools are called public schools. They are very expensive. Only 5 per cent of the school population goes to public schools. Public schools are for pupils from 5 or 7 to 18 years old. Some public schools are day schools, but many public schools are boarding schools. Pupils live in the school and go home in the holidays.

Диктант №4

The Internet was invented in the late 1960s by the US Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. In 1969, there was a network of just four mainframe computers. A mainframe computer is a large, powerful computer, shared by many users. The idea of the electronic mailbox was born when users looked for a way to talk to each other electronically. By 1984,the Internet had begun to develop into the form we know today. Electronic mail is much faster than traditional mail, because once the message is typed out, it arrives in the electronic mail box of the recipient within minutes. It’s better to use e-mail to contact friends rather than phone them, because e-mail is cheaper for long distances than the phone. People can share their interests through the Internet and it makes it very easy to exchange ideas and information.

The fax machine is a very convenient aid to contact companies and friends because messages are transmitted immediately. Fax machines work like photocopiers. They make a copy of a document and then send it down a telephone line to another fax machine. In this way they can send and receive information from each other. You can send any kind of thigs by fax, but it is more expensive than e-mail.

Диктант №5

Словарный диктант. Прослушайте и переведите на английский язык.

1. Искусственный интеллект
2. Широкополосное соединение
3. Бытовые роботы
4. Стать реальностью
5. Научная выставка
6. Установить на компьютер антивирусное программное обеспечение
7. Перезагрузить компьютер
8. Думать точно так же (фраз.глагол)
9. Быть намного продвинутым (фраз.глагол)
10. Кто-то ворвался к нему домой. (фраз.глагол)
11. Ученики сбежали с урока. (фраз.глагол)

1.Artificial brain. 2.A broadband connection. 3. Household robots. 4. To become a reality. 5. A science exhibition. 6. To install the anti-virus software on computer. 7. To reboot a computer. 8. To be on the same wavelength. 9. To be light years a head of. 10. Somebody broke into his house. 11. The students broke out of the lesson.

Диктант №6

Словарный диктант. Прослушайте и переведите на английский язык.

Адрес электронной почты
Образная речь
Преодолеть проблему
Ежемесячная подписка
Переработанные материалы
Загрузить бесплатно музыку из интернета
Удалить файл по ошибке
Для чего-либо требуются специальные знания/ умения (фраз.глагол)
Не понимать кого-либо (фраз.глагол)
После ссоры они разорвали отношения. (фраз.глагол)
К несчастью, их принтер вчера сломался. (фраз.глагол)

1. An email account. 2. A figurative speech. 3. To overcome a problem. 4. A monthly subscription. 5. Recycled materials. 6. To download free music from the Internet. 7. To delete a file by mistake. 8. Not to be rocket science. 9. To get one’s wires crossed. 10. After a terrible argument they broke up. 11. Unfortunately, their printer broke down yesterday.
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